Sydney Kessler, shown shortly after birth in the photo to the right, is now babbling, waving, pointing to everything, paying rapt attention to DVDs and Sesame Street, and walking everywhere while holding onto someone's hand. When asked to comment on parenthood, Dave and Deb became obnoxiously gooey-eyed and this reporter was unable to pay attention to whatever they said next. Latest photos can be viewed online at the following URL:

Sydney had a wonderful time meeting (in chronological order) Cousin Madeline in Naples, Cousin Ella in New Jersey, Cousins Austin and Sierra in Delaware, and Cousin Noah in Miami. She looks forward to meeting her newborn Cousin Joshua! Sydney has also traveled to St. Augustine and other Florida cities in her alleged quest to travel extensively in her first months of life, but this rumor has not yet been confirmed. Click here for photos:
Official records have confirmed that Deb and Dave were married on 11/7/98. They celebrated their 10th anniversary on Sanibel Island. When checking into their hotel, the clerk told them they could not stay in the room originally booked and gave them $100 for the inconvenience. However, Deb and Dave laughed heartily as they entered their new room with a king-sized bed and a balcony overlooking the water. It was essentially an upgrade, but Dave loudly proclaimed with mock indignation, "They need to give us $125!"
In a recent press release, Dave and Deb announced their deepest gratitude to all the people who helped bring Sydney everything from joy and security, to clothes and toys. They wrote, "From the baby shower in January, to the party that Papa Larry threw for Sydney in May, all the way through a wonderful Thanksgiving at the Steins' and upcoming holiday magic at Grandie M's and Grandpa Brown's house, Sydney is so lucky to be part of such a wonderful circle of family and friends. Thank you, and Happy Holidays!"
May he help bring peace instead of war,
And keep the Dow from falling any more.
May he help to clean our air and water
For all of us, and our sons and daughters.
Yes, not everyone voted for him to lead,
But we all need Barack Obama to succeed!

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